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ChatGPT can help you give advice about products. If you ask it questions, it can give answers that you can share with customers. It knows a lot and can help make good and helpful advice.


"What are the top [number] [specific product type] products in [specific category] for [specific use case] and why do you recommend them over [specific competitor product] and [specific competitor product], considering [specific criteria]?"
"What are the most significant differences between [specific product] and [specific competitor product] in terms of [specific feature], [specific feature], and [specific feature], and how do these differences affect the overall user experience, particularly in [specific use case]?"
"In your experience, what are the most critical advantages and disadvantages of [specific product] for [specific user demographic], compared to [specific competitor product 1], [specific competitor product 2], and [specific competitor product 3], taking into account [specific criteria], [specific criteria], and [specific criteria]?"
"Can you provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use [specific product] for [specific task], covering [specific step or action], [specific step or action], and [specific step or action], and including any useful tips, tricks, or shortcuts for optimizing the workflow?"
"What are some of the most common issues that users encounter when using [specific product] for [specific task], and how can these issues be resolved using [specific method], [specific method], and [specific method], while avoiding [specific mistake], [specific mistake], and [specific mistake]?"