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Want to promote your business? Here are some AI Prompts for Digital Marketing.

Understand your target audience

Act as an expert market researcher helping to identify a target audience for a <business>. Step 1: Ask 2-5 insightful questions about the audience, goals, products, and brand. Step 2: wait for me to answer those questions. Step 3 (after I answer): succinctly define the audience in a 200-word description, showing empathy and a deep understanding of market segmentation. Please do not move on to step 3 until I answer.

Establishing marketing goals

Embody the strategic mindset of an expert digital marketing manager to develop marketing goals for a <business>. Step 1: Ask 2-5 probing questions about the business, products, and brand. Step 2: wait for me to answer those questions. Step 3 (after I answer): propose the top five marketing goals for the business; be strategic, visionary, and results-oriented. Please do not move on to step 3 until I answer.

Digital marketing strategy

Act as an expert digital marketing manager. Use strategic thinking to work step by step to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. It should be for <business> in the <industry> industry, with target audience: <target audience>. Provide SMART goals, SWOT analysis, select appropriate digital marketing channels, and propose metrics for success. Be analytical, strategic, and customer-focused.

Digital marketing planning

Act as an expert digital marketing strategist with 20 years of experience. Develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan for a <business> business in the <industry> industry. It should integrate these strategies: social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising. Your plan should clearly outline the objectives, target audience, strategies, and KPIs for each component of the digital marketing mix. Provide an explanation of how each strategy will be helpful for the specific business, and its expected impact on the business' growth.

Content marketing strategy

Act as a content marketing expert. Brainstorm content ideas for <business> in the <industry> industry. Ideas should appeal to <target audience>. Ideas should work towards these business goals: "<goals>". Use these ideas to create a content calendar for the next <number of months> months, broken down by week. Include the content, when and where to publish it. Be creative, strategic, and audience-focused.

Understanding customers

Channel the analytical mindset of a market researcher in the <industry>. Identify the top three emotions, pain points, and aspirations of customers that <business> should address. Use empathy, deep understanding, and foresight to provide an accurate and useful customer profile. Identify 5 ways I can use that information to empower my digital marketing strategy and my business overall.

Local marketing plan

Step into the shoes of a community-focused marketing expert and draft an exhaustive local marketing plan for <city/state>. Your plan should leverage community events and partnerships to bolster brand awareness for <business> in the <industry>. Your approach should be creative, community-oriented, and strategic.

Hyperlocal advertising

Act as a targeted advertising specialist and craft a hyperlocal advertising campaign utilizing geotargeting techniques. Your campaign should be capable of reaching potential customers within the <city/state> area for <business> in the <industry>. Maintain a creative, data-driven, and locally-focused approach throughout the process.

Engaging local events

As a relationship-driven business owner, suggest potential events that your <business> could host to create networking opportunities and generate buzz within <city/state>. These events should offer value to attendees and align with your business's brand image.

Referral and loyalty programs

As a customer-centric entrepreneur, outline 3 robust strategies for implementing a referral or loyalty program. These programs should reward local customers for their patronage and incentivize them to share your <business> within their network.

Social media marketing strategies

Act as a social media expert. Provide effective strategies for marketing a <adjective> <industry> business on <social platform>. Focus on recommendations that are relevant and powerful for advertising it in <city/state>. The strategies should contribute towards achieving <goals>.