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ChatGPT is great at making proposals. No more getting stuck on what to write! With ChatGPT, you can easily make good proposals to show to others. It’s like having a helper who’s really good with words


"Can you please write a B2B proposal for [Company] that highlights the benefits of using our [Product/Service] and how it can help them achieve their [specific business goal]?"
"Can you draft a B2B proposal for [Company Name] that explains how our [Product/Service] can improve their [specific business process] and increase their [specific metric]?"
"I am looking to write a proposal for a potential client in the [industry] industry. Can you help me create a compelling introduction and outline the key points and benefits of my [product/service]?"
"Can you compose a B2B proposal for [Company Name] that showcases the unique features of our [Product/Service] and how it compares to similar solutions in the market?"
"I am trying to win over a new client for my [product/service]. Can you help me write a persuasive proposal that highlights the benefits and value of [offering]?"

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